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Where Have All The Craftspeople Gone

Long time passing. Years ago all of the small towns featured craftspeople such as coopers, blacksmiths, and cabinet makers. I can clearly recall the quilting bees that Mom held at our house. You can learn a lot just by watching and I noticed this same devotion recently at a coffee specialty shop where a barista was meticulously brewing the perfect cup. All of these people exhibited passion, pride and a love for what they do.

This also used to be the formula to build a great investment portfolio. There were real strategies behind them. Personal research was required. They were built one investment at a time. But when the large institutions switched their focus to gathering assets, everything changed. The cornerstones of investing are now farmed out or packaged. Where is the attention to detail?Your portfolio is very likely not attaining its potential from this mass production approach. 

In our opinion, the best way to see the difference is through the design of our Entrepreneur Fund. Our definition of an entrepreneur is ‘someone who adds value through a combination of original thinking and continuous improvement.’ Each individual investment is viewed as a member of the portfolio family. There is an actual reason why it is bought or sold. Flexibility ensures we do not become a slave to one strategy. We are in control, and when you are in control, risk can be dramatically reduced.   

At Salute you can still observe craftspeople at work. Because we love what we do, you will probably find someone at our office on a typical Saturday. Clients praise our birthday cards because they are home-made, not from the mall. Since there is nothing like home cooking, we invite you to take the taste test.


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