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The Passionate Portfolio

If you look through your bank’s or your mutual fund’s corporate literature, it’s not hard to find information on asset growth and profits.  You may even find a broad arching value statement.

But you won’t find anything about passion.  This is the foundation. This is the piece which is most often missing. Here is how our investment portfolios for both our Gilpin Fund and Cactus Fund are passionately assembled. 

1. We do our own research to verify any recommendations or market analysis that we have received from an external source.

2.  We know the role of each holding in our portfolio. It has to be our best idea at the time, and it has to fit with earlier ideas. I’d be wary if the best idea you are currently being offered is a random selection of mutual funds or the same old tired stocks. 

3. We use facts not feelings.  There is often a big difference between proven truths and an opinion.

4. We have a clear and repeatable process.  Insist that your Advisor show you what they went through to arrive at their proposed portfolio.

5. We created measurable ROI objectives to assist us with our goal of safely making clients more money than they could make with any competitor.


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