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Happy Money

I’m sure you have had many discussions about how your money should be classified. While going through the process of opening an investment account you will have to deal with such terms as objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. A lot of this financial jargon is designed to make you feel better. But perhaps the real question should be ‘how does your money feel’?

In our efforts to answer this question, we often encounter three types of money. The largest, but least talked about, is ‘unloved money’. This can be found in storage tanks that are intended for some distant time in the future. Recall the initial excitement of your money when it first landed in your RSP account. It would have performance goals and was going to be watched closely by its Advisor. These are now distant memories and your money is taken for granted.  

‘Idle money’ is another painful position to be in. We find it parked within corporate holdings, tax-free savings accounts (TFSA), regular bank accounts, and low yielding GIC. Your money must get very jealous seeing that everything else in your life is in motion, while it sits trapped.

The third place we find opportunity comes in the form of ‘new money’. This is money that will be arriving soon, and it is already discouraged. It fears that it too will end up in an unloved or idle scenario.  

And then there is ‘happy money’. It lives where it feels that it is cared for. It is growing in a safe and predictable manner. It has a real strategy behind it. It receives great service. It has a prosperous future. This is the kind of money that finds a home at Salute Financial Entrepreneurs.


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