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Bumble Bee Investing

The young bumble bee was discouraged. She hadn’t yet developed the skills to collect pollen, didn’t have a plan, and didn’t even know where to begin looking. So she had decided there wasn’t much sense in leaving the hive at all. The wise Queen told her that she didn’t really need a plan to get started, and that she didn’t even have to know where she was going. Pollen was everywhere and would naturally stick to her arms, legs, and wings no matter where she went. She could not help but collect it if she just went out and stayed busy.

I recently saw a great chart that showed the investment returns from several financial instruments over the last 20 years. The stock market was easily the highest performer as usual, but homes, bonds, energy, and gold all had posted respectable returns. However, the category labelled ‘the average investor’ came in at only 2.1% per year. How could this be? Well just like the young bee, this average investor tends to be reactive instead of proactive.

Here are a few thoughts. Don’t hang on to tired investments that stopped working three years ago. Be sure your Advisor is constantly gathering new ideas for you. Think global - if you lived in any other country you probably would own few if any Canadian investments. Always have a ‘detailed’ plan of action ready in the event of a big market downturn. Beware of over analyzing. Keep your money and goals aligned. And most importantly, own higher end investments that are only available at Salute Financial Entrepreneurs.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Managing your investments is like managing your life. Get focused, pick a direction and keep on going. Eventually there will be nobody left in your way.  

Your destiny is decided by choice, not chance


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