Our Philosophy

Randy Cleary here welcoming you to our site. I once attended an intensive coaching program where we each had to find our own unique ability. It turned out that mine was ‘to discover.’ In order to be a discoverer you always have to be on the leading edge.


Our proactive management approach allows us to shift strategies when required. We try not to give people a lot of industry mumbo-jumbo, just the facts. We are skeptics by nature. We prefer simplicity over complexity. Small is better than big. Never settle.


Our Investments

After years of managing client money on an individual account basis we felt something was missing. We enhanced our offerings to include our own funds offered exclusively through Salute Financial Entrepreneurs of Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

Our funds have been designed so that our compensation is largely tied to performance. Our own money is in the funds so our interests are aligned with yours. The funds are structured to be very flexible and to complement each other. They make it easier to manage tax and currencies. Personally selected investments ensure that we always have current strategies for current opportunities.


The Gilpin Fund was named after my Dad, who had acquired the nickname ‘Gilpin’ as a young boy. The name stems from the popular poem ‘The diverting history of John Gilpin’. We like this story because it resembles this fund – always looking for a diversion from the norm to find opportunity. It is a growth fund composed of a mix of personally selected stocks and focused ETFs.


The Cactus Fund, which is a true alternative investment and therefore a great diversifier, was named after my Mom who was a big collector. The cactus plant can survive harsh conditions, has no predators, and lives a very long time. Our goal was to create a fund that resembles these qualities. It is a strategic mix of ‘non-market’ investments. Holdings include real estate, mortgages, private debt, infrastructure, business loans, credit strategies, healthcare, and private equity. 


Our Consulting

Clients also come to Salute for our ‘dig deeper’ approach to consulting. A good financial plan does not arrive prepackaged. It should not be a tool used to justify the purchase of more insurance. Below are some important places where we find opportunity.


1. Do you have the most tax-effective operating structure?

2. Are you efficiently managing cash flow for best returns?

3. Do you know the value of your business and real estate?

4. Do you have an actual exit strategy that gets updated?

5. Are employees getting the best benefit package for their needs? 

Personal & Family:

1. Have you done a ‘real’ retirement analysis?

2. Do you have a beneficial debt mgmt. strategy?  

3. Do you have an education plan for everyone?

4. Are you serious about your healthcare?

5. Is all important documentation digitally stored?  


*We do not charge any fees for our work in this area.


Our Service

There are many complaints about poor service in our industry. While the institutions continue to cut back in this area we seek to improve. If the phone rings we pick it up. We try to return messages on the same day they are received. Requests for cash are processed immediately. Our birthday cards are home made. Our office has never been closed on a work day in 18 years of operation.

People are beginning to realize that something isn’t right with the way their hard-earned money is being managed. The fees come but the growth does not.  Answers to their questions are hard to come by. We know we can do better and strive for continuous improvement. Locally, we were an early adopter of using ETFs instead of mutual funds. We have a meaningful fee-based system to replace outrageous commissions, and pride ourselves on advising clients to the fact that there is a whole world of great opportunities beyond Canada.

Team members are as follows:


Randy Cleary – Founder & Portfolio Manager

Darryl Cleary, CFA – Portfolio Manager, Trading, Tax


Hollie Peterson – Office Manager 


Cathy Cleary – Philanthropy Manager 

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Our Impact


On the international front we are connected with Bridging Post, an online platform giving people from around the world an opportunity to share their stories, advice and resources https://www.bridgingpost.com/blog. Contributing authors include well known organizations such as Lonely Planet, Make Safe International, and Low Carbon City. Bridges bring us together, cross great divides, and open up a world of possibilities. Bridging Post tells the stories of our Philanthropy Manager, Cathy Cleary’s work in Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo and how she has worked with others to build bridges to learning, wellbeing, empowerment, and inclusivity https://www.bridgingpost.com/projects


Salute Financial Entrepreneurs has been supporting Cathy to travel to Tanzania since 2008 where she works with local communities on projects they decide will be beneficial for their people. She has been leading medical teams with Canada Africa Community Health Alliance (www.cacha.ca) to Tanzania for many years. Working in partnership with the local medical system, the teams are often able to see 3,000+ patients each medical mission. She has worked with many dedicated and generous people in helping to build an elementary school with rainwater catchment system and hand washing stations. Farmers have received agricultural training to improve their crop production. Cathy has partnered with like minded individuals and organizations to create two income generating businesses for women in the village of Kabuhinzi - a maize mill and a retail sewing shop.

Working with Lake Victoria Children on Ukerewe Island, she helped to create an children’s emergency medical fund to support orphans and vulnerable children who would otherwise have no access to medical care.


Looking to ‘dig deeper’ Cathy visited the DRCongo in 2014 and after meeting with ten women who told stories of horrific violence and dire poverty, she worked with them to start a Women’s Training Centre. Here training is provided for sewing, tie dyeing, basket weaving, micro finance, and business operations. Education is a critical component to health, wellbeing and increase quality of life. The women are then able to use their increased income to feed and educate their children.


In 2021, Cathy was able to raise $20,000, with matching funds from doTERRA Healing Hands https://doterrahealinghands.org/ to start a reusable sanitary pad project for women and girls including training on sewing reusable pads, business training and menstrual health education. This new training and business development is in partnership with the internationally well known Days for Girls https://www.daysforgirls.org/


Our Insights

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