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Our Funds

After years of managing client money on an individual account basis we felt something was missing. There was value to be added. And because we are optimistic skeptics we thought we could do better. So we enhanced our offerings to include our own pooled investment funds.

There are several reasons why so many funds seem to underperform and disappoint investors. They get too big and therefore hard to manage. Management fees are often too high. Complicated structures reduce flexibility and limit investment opportunities. We try not to give you a lot of industry mumbo-jumbo, just the facts. So here are some key points.

Randy Cleary is the Portfolio Manager. He brings 16 years of experience and passion to the table. All of his pay from the funds comes through performance. No management fees. His own money is in the funds so his interests are aligned with yours. The funds are designed to be very flexible and to complement each other. Changes can be made quickly should market trouble come along. Personally selected investments ensure that we always have a current strategies for current opportunities. 

The Gilpin Fund was named after my Dad, who had acquired the nickname ‘Gilpin’ as a young boy. The name stems from the popular poem ‘The diverting history of John Gilpin’. We like this story because it resembles this fund – always looking for a diversion from the norm to find opportunity. It is a growth fund composed of a very limited mix of stocks, focused ETF, and hand-picked top managers.

The Cactus Fund was named after my Mom, who always had a huge collection of them around the house and gardens. The cactus plant can survive harsh conditions. It doesn’t have any predators. It lives a very long time. These traits all resemble our fund. It is a strategic mix of ‘alternative’ (means not stock market) investments. Holdings include real estate, mortgages, private debt, infrastructure, credit strategies, and private equity.